Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back in the saddle. Still snarky.

After a long and trying summer, fraught with many dilemmas and chaotic events that only a family like mine can create, I'm finally seizing small moments of free time to write again.


So here's the revelation I came up with for my blog: I hate "blogging" in its formal sense. It's aggravating to feel pressured to write something awesome or substantive or poignant on a frequent basis. Also, I know that most of you don't care. You want dim sum. You want snacks. Or you want dessert. Nobody goes browsing the Internet for meat and potatoes. We like our content bite-sized. (Although, now that I think about it, you can make bite-sized meat and potatoes.)

From here on out, most of my blog posts, when they happen, will be more akin to a Facebook status update or a Google+ post: Short. To the point. Opinionated (always). And inviting comments.

For better or worse, this is my digital life. Welcome to it.

Now, I say "most" of my blog posts because I realize that there will be times when I just want to rant, rail or rave about something and will need the bailiwick that is my blog to do so.

If you come here expecting Shakespeare, you will be disappointed. If you come here looking for equal parts Stephen Colbert, Mitch Hedberg, and Steve Jobs, you'll probably still be disappointed, but you'll have a better time.

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  1. Hey Martin! Good to hear from you. Don't worry, I don't go anywhere online looking for Shakespeare.