Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November

There are many reasons why November 5th is such a memorable day for me. For starters, this is the day my little girl, Blinkin, was born, six years ago. Since Winkin is actually my step-daughter (I abhor the label, but for the sake of explanation we'll run with it), Blinkin was my first opportunity to be Dad to an infant.

At the time I hadn't yet started my marketing company, so I took paternity leave for a few months and did the whole Mr. Mom thing. I'd do bottle feedings at night, diaper changes 24/7, take her to the store or park during the day, and my favorite thing: singing to her when she was restless. A little Phantom of the Opera and she'd drift right off to Sleepy-bye Island.

How did I enjoy those six months? They were a blast! I had so much fun with that kid, watching her grow before my very eyes. Even now, six years later, there is an unmistakable bond between us that I attribute to having that extra time together.

Personally I believe it's important for fathers to be there for their children, right from the start, and as often as possible. Not everyone's circumstances allow for a six-month leave of absence from work to be with a newborn. But I guess the point of this post is that it doesn't have to be six months, and it doesn't have to be a newborn. Fathers, especially, should make a conscious effort to devote extra time to their kids, as often as possible. Not a dad? What about your nieces or nephews? Can you be there for them? You might be surprised how positive an influence you can be... for each other.

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  1. Awww.... Happy Birthday to her!!! My son will be 6 in January. Such a great age