Monday, October 18, 2010

In defense of Mondays

It happens every Monday. My Facebook and Twitter streams explode with comments about how pathetic the first working day of the week is.

Inevitably, someone links that clip from the movie Office Space. Yep, this one.

I, on the other hand, don't mind Mondays. In fact, I kinda like them. Weekends are great, but Monday mornings are a chance to hit the ground running and tackle the week head-on.

The clients I serve at my company all work weekends, so Monday usually means an Inbox bursting at the seams. That's fine by me. I enjoy it. Why? Because while half the corporate world is moping around wondering when lunch is, I'm timing myself to see how quickly I can clear that To-Do List.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my 5 Small Steps series, I avoid multitasking. Each line on the list gets my undivided attention, and I do that thing until it's done. Amazingly enough, I tend to get things done incredibly fast this way, with no lapse in quality or thoroughness.

By the time lunch rolls around--usually 1:00 pm for me--any and all major tasks for the day are finished. What's left is usually one-off activities, like responding to any voicemails or emails that rolled in while I was working on other jobs, or possibly fielding a call from a new client curious about our services.

This energetic method of time management makes Mondays feel like the day before you go on vacation. You know that feeling? How you seem to just breeze through everything thrown at you, because you know something great is just around the corner? Yep, that's most Mondays for me. As a result, the rest of the week tends to be steady-as-she-goes.

So if you too have a day job, and you're one of those folks who lives life like, "Thank God It's Friday! Oh God It's Monday!" then I'd encourage you to try this: When next Monday rolls around, wake up with the attitude that you have a quota to fill. By noon, you will deal with 3 annoying people, but you will also accomplish 5 simple yet worthwhile things.

Chances are highly likely, unless you're just a total curmudgeon, that you will easily get through those 5 basic tasks, and that you will not encounter 3 completely unbearable people. If you do, hey, you've met your quota. No worries there. You were expecting it. If you don't, then suddenly you're ahead of the game, and doing better than you thought you would!

Try it out. Let me know if it works for you. See you next Monday!

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  1. I don't mind Mondays. And I prefer a workload to boredom. Although sometimes that eats into my blogging time!