Friday, October 1, 2010

The ego has landed

For a long time I resisted having a personal blog. It always seemed terribly self-centered, which is what I told myself after two or three false starts fizzled into obscurity.

Two long-overdue realizations changed my perspective on personal blogging.

First, a blog is a very passive method of communication. Similar to Facebook and Twitter--but unlike, say, email or text messages--there is nothing harrying about a blog. If someone doesn't want to read it, they don't have to. There's no obligation to visit it daily, or respond to its author's musings. You can escape a blog faster than you can escape a boring conversation.

Secondly, a blog is an ideal platform to share personal experiences, or relay knowledge by proxy. Granted, not everything the author blogs about will be of immediate interest to everyone. But if a blog post stirs a reader's inner embers and ignites a passion, it becomes more than words--it becomes motivation, which, like gravity, is an undeniable force.

That's actually what did it for me, when a friend recently posted on my Facebook Wall and reminded me that no matter what else I've done throughout life, in my heart I've always been a writer. And what are writers? We are storytellers, lore keepers, and chroniclers of all things from the obscure to the relevant.

So read my blog... if you want. And enjoy my experiences... if it pleases you. Just don't ignore your passion. Let it burn inside until you glow. Until you can't deny it any more. Until the only way to survive is to let it out and share your passion with the world.