Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And the winner is...

It's a BookThe winner of this month's book giveaway--Lane Smith's new picture book, It's a Book--is smurphy379! Congratulations!

Which brings me to my announcement: Every month I will be giving out a free children's book on this blog!

This is a good way for me to both support KidLit authors and to say "thanks" to you, my guests!

As was the case with this month's giveaway--where all you had to do was post a comment to qualify--I will likely keep future giveaways very simple. No forms to fill out. No ReTweeting required. (Although if you do share the contest on Facebook or Twitter, I promise not to turn you over to the Anti-Free Book Police.) My goal here is to spread the joy of reading.

If you win, I'll contact you via email or post a follow-up to your comment, so check back often! I know a few folks had trouble leaving comments and emailed me their comments instead. Still others left comments, but their profiles were private and I had no way of contacting them directly. Blogger is still new to me, so if I find a more intuitive way to keep track of entrants (or if anyone can suggest one) then I'll be sure to post about it and provide adequate instructions in the future.

Congratulations again to smurphy379, and thanks to everyone for participating in the discussion!


  1. Congratulations to SMurphy.
    Most of the book giveaways I see require the commentor to leave his email address in the comment. That would make it easier for you to track down the winner.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. That would make it easier. I wonder if there's any way to do it that wouldn't require them to publicly display it, though, to dodge spambots and stalkers?